About the artist

Raised in New Jersey, I moved to Ohio in the mid 80s with my husband and two sons.

I did not have formal art training.  While in high school I painted.  I took some art classes in junior college.   After my sons were raised, my sister gave me paints and brushes as a gift and told me to start painting again.  I took various classes at Kent State and at Akron University’s adult education division.

I presently take private lessons from Christopher Leeper, a professional artist in Canfield, OH.

My husband has been very supportive of my painting. He set up a studio for me, and he builds frames for most of my work.  He also serves as my “in house critic”.

I paint in a representational style.  My subjects usually are landscapes, historic buildings, still life, and portraits.  I have had commissions for paintings of people’s homes, pets, and even long vanished buildings.

I usually work in oil or acrylics on canvas or board.  I also work in watercolor,  pencil, and have done some work with micro pen and colored pencil.

Where to find my work

I currently have work in the Fine Arts Sales Gallery at the Butler Institute of American ArtYoungstown, OH (tel: 330-743-1107, ext. 220)

You can also find some of my paintings for sale at the Three Sheep Gallery and Workshop, 6010 Market St., Boardman, OH  (tel.:  330-953-3600.  Website: ThreeSheepGallery.com)


Contact me

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting, please send me a message.